Celine Lee

Celine Lee

Specialisation: Contracting
Company Position: Consultant, Contracting
Email Address: celine.lee@ambition.com.sg
Phone Number: +65 6854 5657

My Background

Celine has over 2 years' experience in recruitment and has covered several areas in recruitment, including providing outsourcing services, foreign talent hiring advisory, and market research under the Banking & Finance and IT domains.

Celine enjoys the thrill in the recruitment industry, as she enjoys learning different things every day and contributing back to society by sharing those insights with clients and candidates.

Although Celine graduated with a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Accounting and Finance in Malaysia, she has always had an interest in Human Resources from her time in university. Celine believes that being a recruiter is different from a typical sales job, as we create more meaning by constantly adding value to HR processes, in order to find the perfect fit for both clients and candidates.

Roles I Recruit For

I specialise in Banking & Financial Services under the Contracting desk for positions across all levels. We aim to provide exclusive services to our clients and our candidates by minimising the gap between them to achieve a win-win situation.

I cover wide areas of expertise in Banking & Financial Services industry, including but not limited to Operational areas, Compliance, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, and HR.

If you are keen to advance your career in the Banking & Financial Service industry, feel free to reach out to me for a confidential discussion.

What My Clients and Candidates Say About Me
“Celine is unlike any other recruitment consultants I have spoken to. She is genuine in all of her interactions, always listens, and gives solid guidance to ensure that you're right for the role and then ready for the interview. It is difficult to strike a balance between empathy for your clients while chasing KPIs, but I feel that Celine has done it very well. Thank you so much, Celine!”

“Celine was very patient and involved in my career search as a recruitment consultant. She tried to understand my career goals and recommended opportunities that were aligned to them. You could feel Celine's passion not just as a recruitment consultant, but more as a career coach as she was giving her unbiased advice. This has helped me significantly in deciding my next career step. Keep up the good work Celine!”

“Celine is one of the most dedicated people I have liaised with. I am impressed by her commitment in responding back to me within a short turnaround time. I can rely on her work quality where she will always prepare a solution in mind for all the foreseeable issues or concerns. I have a high level of faith in her contractors and it makes my work more efficient. She has great EQ in stakeholder management and I need not worry about her hosting interviews and liaising directly with hiring managers. Looking forward to the long term collaborations with her and will definitely recommend her to other companies.”

Outside of Ambition
I am an ENFP person. I enjoy exploring new ideas through reading, watching movies as well as having random conversations with people to gain new insights. Apart from that, I also enjoy travelling and music.