Arya Zhao

Specialisation: Banking & Financial Services
Company Position: Principal Consultant
Email Address: arya.zhao@ambition.com.sg
Phone Number: +65 6854 5620

My background

I graduated with a Human Resources degree in China and decided to move to Singapore to develop my career within recruitment. That’s when I joined Ambition and I haven’t looked back since.

Every day has been learning curve for me especially from my candidates and clients. I’m passionate about helping people so being able to make a positive impact on someone’s career is something I hold close to my heart.

Feel free to connect with me on WeChat (account name: Arya的狮城猎记) to read my blogs about my headhunting experience. 

Roles I recruit for

I specialise in recruiting Risk and Quantitative roles at Ambition.

What my clients or candidates say about me

“Arya is an innovative and trustworthy recruiter. She always shows her empathy to me and understands what I really want. She not only helped me get a job but also gave me advice for my career path.“

She always shows her empathy and totally understands what I really want. She didn’t only help me to get a job, but also gave me so much advice about my career path."

Outside of work

I am passionate about exploring and trying new things such as travelling and meeting new people. Sports like badminton, swimming and rock climbing are my favourites.