Arya Zhao

Specialisation: Banking & Financial Services
Company Position: Senior Consultant
Email Address: arya.zhao@ambition.com.sg
Phone Number: +65 6854 5620

My background

I received and finished typical Chinese education before moving to Singapore to develop my career in recruitment.

Confucianism has always had a very deep influence in the way I live - I pursue values of being humble, having the passion to help people and developing a very positive guanxi (i.e. relationship). That is why I chose the recruitment industry, to help with the career development of job seekers and to contribute to the growth strategy of businesses.

Roles I recruit for

Currently, I specialise in recruiting Risk and Quantitative roles at Ambition.

What my clients or candidates say about me

“Chenxi was more like a friend than a recruiter to me.

She always shows her empathy and totally understands what I really want. She didn’t only help me to get a job, but also gave me so much advice about my career path."

Outside of work

I am passionate in exploring and trying new things such as travelling and meeting new people. Sports like badminton and swimming are my favourites.