​​​​​​My Background

I graduated from Taylor's University with a degree in International Business and Marketing. My professional journey began at a reputable cloud-based enterprise software company, where I served as a Business Development Consultant for over a year. Eager for new challenges, I transitioned into recruitment, initially as an Associate Consultant engaging with clients and later moved to an in-house role as a Talent Acquisition Partner.

I've joined Ambition with a clear goal: to hire the best talent for our business across Asia, establish efficient internal processes, and contribute to our vision of building better futures.


Outside of Ambition

I enjoy staying at home, spending quality time with my husband and cats. Despite my lack of singing talent, I'm a karaoke enthusiast, and I also love binge-watching TV shows and movies. Feel free to reach out to me for opportunities, referrals, or simply a friendly suggestion for your next movie night!