Syazana Choi

Specialisation: Technology
Company Position: Consultant
Email Address: Syazana.Choi@ambition.com.sg
Phone Number: +6568545625

My Background

After completing my degree at the University at Buffalo in the United States, I started my career in the hospitality industry working in various roles in a top five-star hotel. Helping and engaging with people has always been my passion as I enjoy building meaningful and lasting relationships. Thus, I wanted to pursue something more challenging and rewarding - which was why I was drawn to the recruitment industry. 


After a year of recruiting, I have developed an interest for technology in the finance industry where I have gained a wealth of knowledge from regularly speaking to quants, developers, and engineers in the high-frequency trading industry. I am very aware of the vastness of this industry hence, I am always happy to learn and understand more from these individuals.


Roles I Recruit For

Developers and engineers sitting on buy-side firms.


What My Clients and Candidates Say About Me

“Syazana is always consultative and helpful throughout my interview process. She prepares me well for my interviews to ensure that I go through a smooth process. She pays attention to my needs and interests while matching it up with what is in the market. Given that what I do is pretty niche, she knows and understands the market to land me in the right job.”


“Syazana is very professional in managing the process throughout. What we look for is very niche and she seems to consistently send across interesting candidates that we really like.”


Outside of Ambition 

I will be at the beach soaking up the sun, F45-ing, singing and/or riding (motorcycles) all my stress away. I’m always up for a good thrill of adventure and that is why I enjoy travelling (especially to beach destinations). However, downtime activities include binge-watching Netflix or just meditating.