IT operations lead

Location: Singapore
Contract Type: Permanent
Specialisation: Technology
Salary: S$8000.00 - S$15000.00 per month + bonus
REF: BBBH238870_1575354276

You'll lead our global team providing IT for employees .
As manager of this team, you'll personally be responsible for:
1. Implement the hiring plan for your team in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Partner
with our recruiting teams to interview, hire and onboard new staff.
2. Be the people leader for all members of the team . You hire, train, motivate, assign
responsibilities and hold the team accountable to reaching agreed goals. The team currently
consists of, and all of these people would report to you:
a. 3 IT engineers in Hong Kong
b. 3 IT engineers in the Philippines. We're also looking to hire a lead for that team who would
report to you.
3. Articulate and drive a vision of what the IT function should do to best support the needs of the
4. Design processes , documenting them very clearly, measuring their metrics, and improving them.
5. Coordinate with other teams , especially HR, Facilities, Finance, and Security.
6. Be able to perform most of the duties of your team members. Be able to lead by example .
The team is responsible for:
● Procuring and managing all hardware used by employees. The team is internal-facing and is not
responsible for the hardware and systems that we operate for our customers. Employees are based
at offices in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, and several other cities world-wide.
● Defining and enforcing IT policies , coordinating closely with our security team.
● Providing technical support to employees. We support:
○ Chromebooks
○ Dedicated Windows OS
○ VMWare Horizon Windows VMs with on-premise servers
○ AWS Workspaces
○ Mac OS
○ Various flavours of Linux desktops
○ BYOD and company-owned iOS and Android
● Operating IT infrastructure , including:
○ Virtual desktops for several hundred employees who rely on them 24/7/365
○ AWS Workspaces
○ Office networks and firewalls
○ Shared machines, including access control and alarm systems
○ Active Directory
○ Video conferencing solutions
● Operating SAAS services , including but not limited to:
○ Okta
○ GSuite
○ Slack
○ 1Password
○ Jira
○ Zendesk
○ Github
○ And many more
● Training employees in efficient and secure use of IT systems.
The team's success metrics are:
● Productivity of the workforce, as measured by surveys and meeting SLA targets for helpdesk
● Security of the workforce, as measured by passing regular security penetration tests that show that
it is sufficiently difficult to hack the organization, that compromises get detected and contained
within the expected time periods, and that the potential damage from any individual compromise
falls within limits defined in a threat model.
● Operating costs , as measured by an annual financial budget.
● Risk levels , as measured by simulating the impact of disaster and testing disaster preparedness
Desired skills and experience
1. Required: Experienced people manager. You have several years of being responsible for the
output of other people, setting performance expectations, assigning responsibilities, delivering
performance reviews, and holding people accountable.
2. Required: Strong English verbal and written communication skills. That's because you'll need to
write clear policies and process documentation for hundreds of people to understand and follow.
3. Excellent at creating, documenting, and running processes. This is especially important given
the geographically distributed nature of your team.
4. Some experience in, or at least a strong understanding of the zero-trust IT model .
5. Experience in defining IT policies for a mostly cloud-based workforce with minimal on-premise
6. Nice to have: experience with administering GSuite or a similar service.
7. Nice to have: experience with administering Okta or a similar identity management service.
8. Nice to have: experience in operating VMWare Horizon virtual desktops, though you might decide
to deprecate this architecture in favor of another solution.
9. Strong understanding of security concepts including public/private keys, certificates, hashing, and
encryption. You don't need to be able to explain how they're implemented, but you must understand
what they accomplish and how to use them appropriately. We are a very security conscious
organization, and we have deep security expertise in several technical teams. As the leader of our
IT team, you don't have to be a security expert already (though you'll likely become very good at this
over time here), but you must know enough to be able to manage your team and collaborate with
This position
1. Attractive compensation
2. Talented colleagues, Great office environment, powerful hardware, all in a convenient location.
3. Requires travel to the Philippines at least four times per year for a few days at a time, on dates
chosen by you. It's a direct flight from Hong Kong.
4. Full-time employment, 40 hours per week, flexible working hours
5. Reports to one of our VP of IT and security