Technical Director

Location: Singapore
Contract Type: Permanent
Specialisation: Technology
Salary: S$200000.00 - S$300000.00 per annum
REF: BBBH239473_1578391343

You'll be responsible for overseeing all areas of technical operations. They include:

  • VPN operations.This team's metrics include the uptime, capacity, performance, security, reputation, and operating-costs of our 3000+ physical VPN servers across 150 cities world-wide. The team is responsible for planning capacity, purchasing and deprecating hardware and network resources, selecting and managing vendors and negotiating contracts, monitoring for and resolving incidents as tier1, and adjusting configuration values.
  • Payments from customers.We process millions of payments across more than a dozen banking partners and payment providers. This team maximizes payment success rates and keeps payment-fraud and transaction costs within acceptable levels.
  • Employee IT. Enable the global team to work efficiently and securely, some of them 24/7/365. Operate some on-premise infrastructure, administer dozens of SAAS services, provide helpdesk services, provision and deprovision hardware and software, create and test disaster preparedness plans, and provide training to all teams globally.
  • Streaming. This is a specialized area of VPN operations. Define, measure and improve service quality of video streaming. Perform capacity planning, procure network resources, monitor for incidents, act as tier1 to resolve them.
  • Microservices. This includes our website, signup and several backend systems. In total there are about 40 microservices. This team reports on the SLAs and acts as a check and balance to the development teams that build the services. Metrics cover uptime, performance, capacity, security, abuse levels, censorship-resilience, financial costs, and disaster preparedness.

For each of those areas you:

  • Are the people manager for the team leads.
  • Oversee the creation and execution of hiring plans globally, most importantly leaders for each of your teams. Some already have leads, some not yet. Most teams need analysts, some also engineers. Some may need either a follow-the-sun model or a shift schedule to provide more coverage hours.
  • Ensure their SLAs are clearly defined, tracked, reported, and that they achieve their targets.
  • Define the vision and roadmap .
  • Coordinate with other teams across the company, especially engineering, product, customer support, finance and security. Your teams will often need to provide requirements for engineering teams to create or improve tooling.
  • Ensure processes are efficient and reliable.
  • Oversee the creation and execution of skill development plans. Identify and plug skill gaps systematically.

Currently there are several operations teams reporting directly to our technical co-founder. We'd like to consolidate those teams under you. The current structure looks like this:
-Technical co-founder

  • Employee IT manager, and 6 IT engineers in Hong Kong and the Philippines.
  • VPN operations lead, and 5 analysts in Hong Kong.
  • Other teams: engineering, product, security, finance, HR and recruiting. Many of the
  • operational responsibilities described above are currently held by engineering teams, and we'd like to transition those responsibilities to the team that you should build and lead.

-Business co-founder: leads marketing, sales, customer support, bizdev and legal.
Once you join, the org structure will be:
-Technical co-founder

  • You
    • Employee IT manager
    • VPN operations lead
    • To be hired by you and report to you: several leads for the other areas described above.
  • Your peers: managers for engineering, product, finance, HR, security, recruiting.

Description of ideal candidates

  • Required: you have several years of experience as a people manager, including managing other people managers. That means you excel at interviewing people, onboarding new-hires, defining expectations, holding people accountable, and guiding career and skill development.
  • You're skilled at designing and documenting business processes, rolling them out, defining and tracking their metrics, and improving them over time. This is currently a skill-gap on the team, and you'll need to be able to lead by example and train your team in this area.
  • You have a proven ability to learn about technology. You'll need that to effectively lead the teams described here. You're comfortable leading teams where you don't have all functional expertise yourself. You're able to ask insightful questions so you quickly understand what matters, even if you don't understand the details.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Those will let you effectively coordinate with other teams, influence without direct authority, and manage people who aren't necessarily all in the same office.
  • General culture fit for our company:
    • Results-oriented. Get it done. Show results, not just activity.
    • Humility. We communicate very directly, exchanging feedback with radical honesty in pursuit of excellence. Check egos at the door.
    • Curiosity. Our industry and business are growing so quickly, we're constantly learning and facing new challenges.