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A Father’s Day Tribute: Celebrating the Fathers in Our Lives

Fathers play an important role in every child’s life that is difficult to be filled by others. In fact, there’s no one quite like a father – someone who can be gentle and tender at times, but tough and strong when needed. Whether they are employed or stay-at-home fathers, they always have our best interests in mind.

To celebrate the extraordinary men we call ‘dad’, we had 6 team members from our Ambition offices across Asia to share their fatherhood journey or what makes the fathers in their lives worthy of honouring this Father’s Day – and every day throughout the year.

Michael Nette

Managing Director, Ambition Singapore

How do you balance work and life as a working father?
Finding the right balance can be tough but with the normalcy of working from home post-COVID, it makes it easier to spend time with my daughter. When working from the office I will try to leave the office by 5:15 pm so I can be home for family dinners. 

What’s the best thing about being a working father?
Being a dad has been one of the most fulfilling parts of life. Watching my daughter grow up, taking care of her, and teaching her things are invaluable experiences. Daddy-daughter bonding time spent on walks to school or spent on weekends at the beach are unforgettable moments. I also love my job, so being able to find room for both has been tremendously rewarding.

What’s your greatest challenge as a working father?
Time management and managing priorities is easily one of the biggest challenges as a working father. After putting my daughter to bed I would usually need to login to finish my work for the day.

Nelson Lee

Principal Consultant, Technology, Ambition Hong Kong

What’s the best thing about being a working father?
Being a working father has helped me learn to take care of those I love, especially after a packed work day. I treasure every minute I spend with my loved ones.

What’s your greatest challenge as a working father?
Time management is definitely the greatest challenge. As a recruiter, there are often ad-hoc paperwork, and calls with clients and candidates – sometimes outside of working hours. I’m still learning to manage my time as a working professional and also a father, but I’m glad that I’m able to at least put down my phone during dinners and my daughter’s playtime. I will continue to try my best to improve! 😊

What do you have to say to other working fathers out there?
You don’t have to force yourself to be a superman; someone who can fix everything – be it at home or at work. No man is perfect, but we will always try our best to dedicate ourselves to our loved ones. So, the next time your other half complains about your terrible attempts at house chores, just keep calm, smile, and say “Sorry! I’m doing my best.” 😉

Joanna Tan

Associate Director, Contracting, Ambition Singapore

What do you admire most about your father?
My father never complains or gives up when things get tough. He always made sure we could live a comfortable life by putting in his best efforts and hard work. He would always put up a strong front and looks stern but he’s actually a soft-hearted person on the inside and cares a lot about his family.

How has your father shaped who you are today?
Leading by example, being so selfless, and always putting our family’s well-being before his. My dad has taught us how to be grateful every day, and to always care and share with the people around us.

Sindhu Udayakumar

Research Consultant, Finance & Accounting, Ambition Singapore

As the father, how does your husband support your family?
My husband is the provider and protector of our little family – he supports us with the stability and security we need. Despite working long hours in a labour-intensive industry, he always ensures that he comes home and spends time with us. A simple daily routine of having dinner together, talking about how our respective days went, what new milestones our toddler has achieved while he was away at work are some of the ways he supports us emotionally and remains engaged with the family. He puts in the effort to balance his career to be a loving, involved and devoted father, and shows his love by making sure that the family’s needs are met, both emotionally and financially.

As the father, what’s the one thing about your husband that you will be forever grateful for?
This one memory will remain etched in my heart forever – I was a first-time mum back in 2021 and right after giving birth, I felt like I needed to explore new opportunities and advance my career. At the same time, I was fearful of the financial impact COVID might have had on job hunting. I also felt guilty that my career aspirations would be at the expense of my family and young child. I shared my thoughts with my husband and he strongly urged me to chase after what I wanted. He gave me the reassurance that there was nothing wrong in wanting to pursue my dreams, and that I should not stop myself from things I wanted to achieve, just because I’m a mother. He is an exceptional father who always pulls his weight, but he stepped up even more in taking care of the family (cooking, cleaning, more night feeds, more diaper changes, more play time despite his long working hours). He did this while I searched and applied for new jobs, sent out CVs, and attended interviews all in pursuit of my new dream. He was my biggest cheerleader which allowed me to spread my wings and eventually land in Ambition.

Lim Li Hui

Team Assistant, Corporate Services, Ambition Malaysia

What do you admire most about your father?
I admire my father’s dedication to the family. He contributes and puts in a lot of effort so that our family is supported, but never complains or asks for anything in return. On top of that, he’s incredibly knowledgeable – particularly in history and geography. Whenever I have any questions, he would always provide an answer without fail.

What’s the best advice you’ve received from your father?
The best advice my dad has ever given me is “action speaks louder than words”. As a typical Asian parent, he preferred to talk less and show more through his actions. For example, I recall a time when he took my family and I for a one-day tour around town, exploring different cuisines. This was his way of providing us hands-on knowledge and new experiences. On top of that, he would often share his life experiences and advice on being responsible for our own choices.

Viknes Thevathasan

Office Manager, Admin Support, Ambition Singapore

What’s the best advice you’ve received from your father?
To pursue your happiness, and never let anyone or anything bring you down.

How has this person shaped who you are today?
My dad has always encouraged me and stood by me through all the important decisions I have made. There have been times where I have slipped up but my dad has always reminded me to not be discouraged and there are many opportunities out there as long as we do not lose hope. There is a solution for all problems which I grew to strongly believe in. He also taught me to always work hard for what we want and need.

Wishing all fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

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