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Starting early gives you an advantage

Whatever your line of work, you can be more productive and win at least 60minutes every day for yourself through starting work earlier, planning your day, and then prioritising to do the most urgent and important things first. 

Getting up and leaving for work an hour or more earlier in the day usually means that you miss the worst of the rush hour. Invariably you also have time alone in the office free from distraction and interruptions. This, in itself, usually wins you 60minutes, although you can multiply the benefit by using the time to plan and prioritise. 

However, before you do, you should work out your other commitments and your body clock and whether you are more effective at the beginning or the end of the day. If it works better, you can always leave work later or plan and prioritise for the following day before you go to bed, which will gain you some extra time in the morning. 

Your planning involves actions such as compiling a simple to-do list of tasks that need to be completed in the day, including calls, meetings, emails, reports and projects. By including everything on the list, you will feel more in control and less anxious. 

Those uncompleted tasks can then be carried over for the next day, and so on. 

Finally, once you have made your plan then prioritise those tasks that are most important and urgent. This enables you to start work on the more pressing items and avoid wasting time on low priorities.

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