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Global Ambition Day Kick Starts our CSR 2020 Goal

On the 18th August 1999, Ambition was founded in Sydney, and now has office locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and London.

Last Friday we celebrated the anniversary with Global Ambition Day and, also, used the day as a kick start to Ambition Asia's commitment to raising AUD$300k by 2020 for a variety of good causes. 

So what we get up to across Asia on the day?

The day was all about collaboration, creativity, competition and fun (as well as raising money for good causes of course!)

In Asia, each office arranged an office buffet lunch and then various activities and prizes were auctioned off which included handstand push up challenges’, catwalks, solo guitar singing, desk cleaning services, a drinks trolley ran by the MD, role swaps, cakes, home cooked lunch for a week, vouchers and the list goes on!

It was a fantastic effort by the teams and on this day alone the 3 offices in Asia raised cAUD3,400.

CSR 2020

All of our efforts on the day kickstart Ambition Asia's commitment to raising AUD$300k by 2020.  

We are a business committed to 'Building Better Futures' but this not only applies to those whom we help find roles for or fill roles with, this commitment is to the wider community and in particular to those in a less fortunate position to us.  We hope to build a better future for them by raising money and giving our time in any way we can.  

Finally, to sum up the day, I am delighted to confirm that Ambition will match the total funds raised on the day by Asia $ for $.

We'll keep you posted on our progress for 2020 and hope you will help support us in some shape or form along the way.

Watch this space!

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