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Contracting, not your average gig

Will things be the same after six months? How about in a year? What used to be unconventional may just be the new norm. 

Across many industries, Contracting is becoming increasingly acceptable given the uncertainties we’re facing. While this is nothing new to some contractors, it is unfamiliar territory for others. Ambition Singapore’s Contracting recruitment team spoke to a Finance Director in the Retail Industry to find out why they picked up Contracting even before the global crisis.

1. As a professional who is open to contract roles, how do you find the competitive landscape for Contracting? 
I find that there seems to be slightly less competition for contract roles as compared to permanent roles and as a job seeker, this works out in my favour.  
2. How did you start your Contracting journey?  What made you take up your first contract role? 
I started my first contract role when I stumbled upon an 18-month contract role.  It was a reasonably long contract and I knew there may be the opportunity to extend or be converted to a permanent position. Knowing this, coupled with the other perks of contracting, made it worth considering. 
3. There is some stigma surrounding Contracting such as lower job security and the lack of benefits. As a contractor, have you experienced this yourself? If yes, why do you choose to continue working on a contract basis?  
Yes, you may come across contract roles with less job security or benefits, but since I like the job scope and industry, I wanted to give it a go. And as I mentioned, there are contract positions with longer durations just like the 18-month one I took up. Eighteen months is a reasonably long period.  
4. What is your advice to those who are considering contract roles?  
My advice: give it a try! If you see a job that piques your interest, you could at least try to find out more. 

5. How has Ambition helped you in your journey?
The people at Ambition have been very efficient and professional! Their assistance has also been effective in finding me a suitable position. Thank you!

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